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All healthy smiles begin with you.

Maintaining a well-balanced diet and reducing the consumption of sugary foods and carbonated beverages in your daily life benefits not only your overall health but also your teeth.

To ensure the highest level of oral health, it’s vital to thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day. When brushing, be sure to clean the inner, outer, and biting surfaces of your teeth. After brushing, it’s essential not to rinse, as rinsing can wash away the beneficial fluoride that protects your teeth.

Issues like bleeding gums and the accumulation of tartar are common among our patients. To tackle these concerns, we recommend incorporating daily flossing and the use of interdental brushes into your routine as well as seeing one of our friendly hygienists here at 406 Dental.


Contrary to what many patients may believe, appointments with our dental hygienists at 406 go far beyond a simple clean and polish. Our team of experienced dental hygienists offer a comprehensive range of services. Not only do they provide a more thorough teeth cleaning than what’s achievable at home, but they also collaborate with you to proactively prevent gum issues arising in the first place. Regular hygiene appointments are essential for preventing, identifying, and, when needed, treating gum disease.

Gum disease is a common oral health concern, which fortunately, if found and treated early enough, is preventable. Symptoms that may indicate gum disease include inflamed or receding gums, bleeding when brushing and increased sensitivity. If you experience discomfort while brushing your teeth, it could also be a sign that you need dental hygiene treatment.

Beyond relieving any discomfort, treating gum disease is vital because leaving it untreated can lead to more serious issues. Gum disease affects the supporting structures of the teeth, potentially leading to infections and loose teeth. In fact, it’s the primary cause of tooth loss, something we aim to prevent as much as possible.

If you are concerned that you may be suffering from gum disease, we encourage you to contact our dental hygienists to book an appointment.

Preventing gum disease is best achieved through effective oral health care, including regular visits – typically twice a year – to a dental hygienist.

Your dental hygiene appointment involves a thorough examination of the gums and supporting tooth structures. Our dental hygienists will help create and tailor an ongoing treatment plan for both at-home care and treatment here with us at the practice.

There will also be a full cleaning of the gums and teeth, finishing off with a polish so that you leave the practice with a healthy, happy looking smile.

We offer a range of dental hygiene appointments tailored to suit your specific needs. You can choose to pay as and when you visit, or we also have membership options available.

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