Tooth Whitening

Believe it or not, people have been whitening their teeth for more than one hundred years. With today’s technology, teeth whitening has become an excellent and effective way to remove discolouration and staining within the teeth, producing that gleaming white smile that we all would like to have.

All our tooth whitening procedures use hydrogen peroxide to bleach out stains which have developed inside your teeth.Hydrogen peroxide, when used as directed by your dentist, has been proven to be a safe, enamel kind product.

ageing before whitening
ageing after whitening
genetic staining before teeth whitening
genetic staining after teeth whitening
teeth stained by smoking before whitening
teeth stained by smoking after whitening
teeth stained by tetracycline before whitening
teeth stained by tetracycline after whitening

Whitening techniques will vary with every individual depending on:
  1. the type of stain on our teeth
  2. where the stain is located
  3. the amount of time the whitening gel is used
  4. the peroxide concentrate in the whitening gel
  5. the sensitivity of our teeth

The Treatment Plan

You have 3 alternatives for treatment.

Your Dentist will fully explain the procedures that are involved for whitening your teeth. There are 3 methods that are used at 406 Dental for tooth whitening, all producing excellent results.


This technique does not involve the use of lights, and is considered to gain the best long term results – depending on lifestyle, may only need a top up for one hour, once every five years.

For more information please visit the Enlighten smiles website, click here

YOU can have ‘in surgery’ power whitening, using the latest ‘ZOOM’ system followed by a small amount of ‘home whitening’. This procedure produces instant results and takes about 75 minutes of time in the surgery.You will be initially assessed by the dentist to ensure you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening procedures. Treatments are pain free, there is no need for injections and the procedure is very relaxing. Occasionally there may be a little sensitivity during or after the treatment, which quickly subsides.

 ZOOM Chairside Whitening System is the latest state of the art light activated teeth whitening technology from Discus Dental, the number one teeth whitening company in the USA.

There are over 15,000 dentists worldwide using this system. The whole process takes about 75 minutes, and is performed by qualified dentists specialised in teeth whitening techniques. The award-winning 
 Chairside gel is painted over your teeth after a protective coating has been applied over your gums and exposed dentine.

The whitening gel is then light activated by the ZOOM lamp for 15 minutes. After the 15 minute cycle, the gel is removed, and this process is repeated twice. This treatment achieves an average of 8 shades improvement.

The result can last for up to two years, depending on lifestyle habits.

To give you even better result that lasts longer, we always specify a flexi take home treatment to go with every power whitening treatment.

Or alternatively, you can purchase the popular take home whitening kit, which only requires 15 minutes of the dentists time! The complete transformation will be noticed in about 14 days.

 Please ask at the surgery for more information on all procedures.

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